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Systemic Possession

The more you conform to the system, the more benefits the system confers on you.




The more you agree with the system, the more it exalts you.




The more you mould yourself into the shape of the system, the more power and authority it grants you.




The more closely you allow the system to define and control you, the more praise and honour the system bestows upon you.




The more you become what the system wants you to become, the more ‘responsibility’ and ‘leeway’ it gives you.




Therefore, he whom the system deems most highly qualified, most reliable, most worthy of praise and high honour, is he who has been so completely possessed by the system that he is in fact nothing other than the system itself, in thinly disguised form.




Truly it is said that the system supports, honours and praises only itself.







Image: HR Giger paesaggio XVIII






Author: Nick Williams

Nick Williams works and writes in the field of mental health and is particularly interested in non-equilibrium states of consciousness, which are states of mind that cannot be validated by standardized experiments or by reference to any formal theoretical perspective.

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