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Trapped in a World of Aggression

Everything the self which is who we think we are does is inherently aggressive. Everything ‘the self which is a thought’ does is aggressive – thoughts are always aggressive!




Why are thoughts always aggressive? Simply because they are not real! Thoughts by their very nature are not real – a thought is a description and descriptions are (needless to say) not real things in themselves. All aggression comes out of the unreal trying to prove that it is real. The real itself is never aggressive – why would it need to be? What has it got to prove, after all?




The unreal always has an axe to grind. Always, always, always. The unreal is forever grinding axes, forever trying to make a point, forever trying to ‘right a wrong’. The unreal is forever trying to make its mark on the world, forever trying to put its stamp on the world. But what kind of a mark can the unreal make?




We could say that ‘the unreal which doesn’t know itself to be unreal’ always has an axe to grind. It is unnecessary to say this however – that’s the only type of unreal there is! If the unreal knew itself to be unreal – if it was not always fighting against this truth – then this awareness would straightaway convert it from unreal to real. The awareness of its own unreality would straightaway transform it from ‘the unreal’ into ‘the real’. After all, a lie that is admitted to is no longer a lie…




Actually, using the word ‘straightaway’ here is misleading. There never was any unreality to be converted. The unreal never gets converted into the real because there never was any unreal in the first place. ‘Unreal’ means that it was never there anyway (and never will be). There was never anything there to talk about, there was never anything there that needed fixing, there never was anything there that we needed to worry about, that we needed to be concerned about…




There is a bit of a twist here all the same. There’s a bit of a glitch here that is very resistant to being ironed out. The twist or glitch is that consciousness gets trapped in the unreal because it doesn’t know the unreal to be unreal. It doesn’t see that the unreal is ‘lacking in any substance’ and then when this happens it gets caught up on a full time basis struggling and fighting to prove that there really is some substance there, struggling and fighting to prove that what it assumes to be true really is true.




This is ‘consciousness in a trap’ and the trap is the illusory perception of (and belief in) the self.  The trap is the thought which says “I am this self”. The trap is the unreal self that doesn’t want to admit its own unreality to itself. The trap is the thought that we are this self when we don’t see it to be only a thought





Author: Nick Williams

Nick Williams works and writes in the field of mental health and is particularly interested in non-equilibrium states of consciousness, which are states of mind that cannot be validated by standardized experiments or by reference to any formal theoretical perspective.

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